Android Encryption: First step for secure notepad


Welcome to another Android-related article!

From time to time, everybody needs some privacy. I don’t want to judge, but every person on the planet has sneaky little secrets. Need to hide any information? That’s why encryption was invented.

Today I want to introduce an elementary way to encrypt (and decrypt) data on Android.

Let’s go 💣!

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Cryptology 101: Encryption

Welcome to my Cryptology 101 article!

Today I would like to describe encryption techniques and introduce distinction arbitrage between such complex and mixed terms: cryptology vs. cryptography, public vs. private key cryptography, or stream and block ciphers (with a limited amount of math!).

We will also learn how to distinguish between ciphers and codes and answer the question: is cryptology a science? 😉

First things first – let’s settle establish who is who in cryptology: encryption section!

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Project: Fake TV Simulator


Welcome to the project that, in the beginning, was not bee in my bonnet, but after a light bulb moment, it crystallized.

Today I would like to show you the expansion of the previous Project: Smart Bulb Cop Car, which will imitate TV as a simple line of defense against thieves and burglars. During summertime,e we tend to travel,l and if there is a simple way to increase home security – we should at least give it a try.

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