Road to eJPT – Introduction


It’s been a while since I posted something here.

Today I decided to start my cybersecurity diary. I want to systematize my efforts to obtain cybersecurity-related certificates.

Finally, I have time to knuckle down the eJPT certificate I mentioned in the CyberSec Certification: eJPT & eWPT courses preview article.

If you want to check my assumptions, steps, and impressions about the course – lend an ear!

Get down to business

As you can see, in my previous article – CyberSec Certification: eJPT & eWPT courses preview, I mentioned a few months ago (time flies…) that I’ve bought two eLearnSecuirty courses:

  1. eJPT – Penetration Testing Student v4 with eJPT (junior penetration tester) exam voucher;
  2. eWAPT – Web Application Penetration Testing v3 with eWAPT exam voucher.

In the meantime, they become a part of the INE learning platform, but for the time being, I’ll stick to the old portal – it doesn’t matter.

Today I’m starting a diary to force on myself weekly progressions.

I want this article to be an opening bracket for a list of items consisting of my steps through the course and obtaining the certificates.

What will you find here?

  1. Review/notices – I’ll try to split the whole material into smaller parts (check below);
  2. Supplementary materials – this entire content target is to help ME learn so that I may also use Pluralsight, Youtube, and other sources;
  3. Additional comments. 

I’ll (probably) schedule it as:

  • Week 1 – Prerequisites – networking
  • Week 2 – Prerequisites – Web Applications
  • Week 3 – Prerequisites – Penetration Testing
  • Week 4 – Programming – All chapters (C++, Python, Command Line)
  • Week 5+ – Penetration testing – will estimate later 🙂

Penetration testing consists of 7 steps: Information Gathering, Footprinting&Scanning, Vulnerability Assessment, Web Attacks, System Attacks, Network Attacks, and Next Steps.

Plans & Schedules

As you can see, I feel more confident about programming (all topics in one week) and less optimistic about networking or web applications – because I’m not very experienced in them.

So you can expect those entries to be expanded and developed with a lot of additional materials 🙂

By the 1st of April, I would like to take part and pass the exam 😉

I believe I can finish it all in 8 weeks, so please keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned!

If you would like to reach out to me, do not hesitate and go to contact me!

This article is part of series you can check on tag #RoadtoeJPT.

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